How to protect your website from HACKERS!

Hackers are not people who care much for your privacy or the sanctity of your personal information. If you think that websites are immune from such a possible onslaught, then you are sadly mistaken. Just because you have a small enterprise doesn’t mean that you should simply sit back and relax.

In fact, statistics show that your website is always under attack!

Studies conducted recently state that about 50 percent of all small businesses with an online presence are breached yearly.

Wordfence plugin for WordPress is responsible for scanning for any threats that may be present in the system and these are routine scans that look for issues, protect via a firewall, actively guarding against real-time threats. There is also iThemes Security for added protection.

The following are certain precautions that are mandatory for a comprehensive protection.

  • Lockdown website and ban undesirables
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Use your email as login username
  • Rename your login URL
  • Adjust your passwords and change those periodically
  • Protect the wp-admin directory
  • Monitor your files with plugins like Wordfence

There are a number of plugins that fulfill the roles of login security, firewalls and IP blacklisting among others, all in one place. There are some which are also known to function with IPv6 compatibility, that technical experts believe is the future of online security.

Complex credentials add increased security to any website security structure and additionally, core files, need regular updates. Newest updates always have fixes and regardless of the kind of content system you use, the newest versions usually have bug fixes and exploit removals.

User roles are critical to platforms like WordPress, which determine the actions of a visitor and can potentially cause a lot of damage. Therefore, roles and permissions to be allocated in the correct manner.

Google Analytics is an exceptional tool that you can use not only to monitor site traffic, but also to find suspicious activity. These measures should keep your website safe and functional.