Wix or SquareSpace?

If you are confused about what’s best for you between Wix and Squarespace, we are here to help you place your web presence in “safe hands”. You need to try something that both serves your purpose and is user friendly. Let us help you to decide!

  1. User friendly

For Wix – As you put up the control panel on your screen, you are immediately struck by the familiarity of the design. It is perfectly evident that stress has been put on aspects like aesthetics and organization, with the customization of your website is now easier than ever.

For Squarespace – Most of its UX-related disadvantages have been resolved but the fact remains that it is still a lot behind Wix in terms of fun, design and ease of use.

Verdict: Wix wins. Ease of use is a big draw for Wix.

  1. Flexibility

For Wix – Build your website without writing codes with enough tools to build blogs, eCommerce platforms, and much more! The control panel allows you to tinker with most features, although there are third-party extensions via the Wix App Market.

For Squarespace – Although feature-rich and compact in design, you don’t get the huge plethora of apps that you get with Wix.

Verdict: Wix wins. The total absence of applications make Squarespace inferior.

  1. Design

For Wix – You get a great template variety that are professional, with an extremely handy mobile editor for fine tuning by dragging and dropping stuff. Modify as much as you want without affecting the normal view of the site.

For Squarespace – You get to use templates full of great features, with beautiful fonts and simple layouts, that are usable in all types of screens. The edit, though, is unusable in the mobile view.

Verdict: Wix wins. Wix has more diversity.

  1. Customer Support

For Wix – An interrogative symbol beside every editable option in the control panel helps you learn more about it. This is in addition to a comprehensive help center with articles and videos, along with a forum.

For Squarespace – Responsible support structure that provides live chat, tutorials and even email support. Also, worthy to be mentioned are the customer workshops they hold in their offices.

Verdict: Wix wins. It is more user friendly.

  1. Expenses

For Wix – There is a free version for beginners along with several paid packages. Note that the lowest amount payable for a Wix subscription is 4.50 USD.

For Squarespace – There are zero free plans, except a trial of 14 days. Subscriptions range from 12USD a month to 46 USD a month.

Vedict: Wix wins. Squarespace, being more expensive, doesn’t offer proportionate value.