Hosting Terms and Disclaimers
Inspired Design Australia Pty Ltd. (IDA) provides one of the best, Australian based hosting services at a very competitive price. We pride ourselves on zero server crashes and 99.9% uptime to date. However, we are not focused on being a hosting retailer. This is an essential service provided to clients for their various online applications and design solutions we provide. We prefer to work with clients and establish a close relationship - whether one project or ongoing - as such the month-to-month health of your website, online content and data is very important to us as well as your business.

We develop most of our online products and projects on the world most used Content Management System (CMS) platform – WordPress. WordPress has many positive features but, requires regular upkeep with installations that need regular attention, maintenances and updates (for third party plug-ins, themes, CMS platform etc.). This will ensure you stay secure (to protect your data) and function efficiently. This is all alongside server software version upgrades as the software advances.

As such, we only offer a professionally managed WordPress development approach called ‘Support + Maintenance’ (S+M). This approach allows us to build a healthy relationship and a better customer experience for you and your business growth. In this integrated approach we will make sure your files and data are regularly backed up on an offline secure server so that in the event of a website crash, hacking or malfunction, there is a fallback to restore everything to working order, along with many other benefits such as on-hand technical support.

To provide this seamless service requires careful planning, execution and constantly monitoring the health of ALL our client work. This is however in no comparison to the loss of your website data or downtime that can significantly impact your business operations. As such we can offer one of two approaches with all clients we work with and provide hosting for:

1) Option 1: Professionally Managed (S+M) – Recommended
IDA will provide a full integrated and professionally managed WordPress installation complete with regular backups, monitoring, health checks, plug-in updates CMS updates, theme updates and all software updates along with full responsibility for restoration in the event of a hack or server crash/loss of data. We also monitor and execute server specific software updates according to the latest industry guidelines. This a no-lock in contract and set up as a monthly subscription starting from $150/month, billed quarterly.

2) Option 2: Self-Managed
This is where you (as the website owner) take full control and responsibility for all maintenance, upkeep, plugin/theme/CMS and software updates, backups, security and management of all your data and files on our hosting space with your CPanel access. In the instance, where server security is compromised due to your self-managed data, it would be your responsibility to cover/reimburse the cost of any restoration for yourself and any other affected parties including and not limited to IDA.

Regardless of the option chosen, IDA is at your service and can be contacted via to assist or attempt some restoration with any backups of original files we have saved at handover date (if applicable). Where costs apply these will be detailed to you on a case-by-case basis whether third party or IDA restoration work, prior to any work being executed