5 Design Tips to Make Your Website Stand Out

For a website to be successful, you need to have a style that feeds into your website’s user experience and functionality while being easy to understand for a first-time visitor.

  1. Minimalistic & Clutter Free Homepage Design

It is better to appeal to emotions rather than focus on word count. The less a visitor has to read, the better chance you have to retain his or her attention. Use images or icons as alternate ways of communication and keep ‘Call To Actions’ under larger subheadings and in legible paragraphs.

  1. Keep Visual Hierarchy in Mind

When you only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention, tell them straight up what your site is all about. When you establish a clear hierarchy to your website information, readers can’t help but unconsciously follow the trails you have set for them.

  • Create Easy-to-Read Website Content

“Readability” is a key component for any website. When it is easy for people to recognize words, sentences, and phrases on your website, they will efficiently and comfortably scan through your site without much effort.

  1. Make Your Site Easily Navigable

If your creative mind suggests you to break the mold, remember, website navigation is not the place to apply your creativity. A site with a solid navigation not only improves the viewers’ experience, but also helps search engines in indexing your content.

  1. Stay Mobile Friendly

When we live in a mobile society, it is foolish to even mention this tip, but it is important. However, test out every page, every user action, and button to ensure your mobile-friendly site is running on all cylinders.

Implement these tips and create a website that draws customers and engages them in interaction.