What does HOSTING and BANDWIDTH really mean?

The question about what bandwidth and hosting are must have crossed your mind at some point and then came the confusion of how much and what exactly you need. Again, you may have heard of hosting but what is it? Let’s find out both!

Web hosting is the service provided by certain entities that allow people or companies to post a website on the Internet. The provider of web hosting allows the customer to use the technologies necessary to make the webpage viewable, which can also be hosted or stored, on servers.

Bandwidth is the data traffic that transfers between your website and the internet and the more bandwidth, the faster the experience. The internet is an entity with numerous computers running into the millions, all connected by networks. We have all used the internet at home and have encountered bandwidth, where complicated website designs utilise more bandwidth and can slow down the experience on slower connections. Keeping this in mind, today’s web designs focus more on a simplified structure and aesthetics, which will keep a contemporary feel without slowing down the page to a crawl. Bandwidth requires constant flexibility and calculations, as opposed to a storage space where data can be deleted when necessary to clear space.

Bandwidth calculation by reputed websites is done by the following methods:

  • An estimation of the average page size in units of KB. Use a method called the Pingdom’s Load Time test on some pages and then calculate the average.
  • Now, take the average monthly visitors number and multiply that with the above average.
  • Take the result from the above and multiply with the average number of page views per visitor.