How Much Should A Website Really Cost?

In the modern world, no business can survive without a legitimate online presence. Website building can be expensive, so while evaluating the cost of creating/updating a website, you need to keep certain factors in mind. The overall expenditure can be segregated into several smaller overtures.

Domain Name

Every website requires a unique domain name. .com are among the cheapest options, costing $5-20AUD. While the most popular domain .com costs approximately $20-200AUD. The cost of a domain name is directly proportional with its demand and popularity.


Your website requires to be hosted on a web server. On shared web servers, which also includes other sites, hosting costs around $10-20AUD/month. Having a personal dedicated server is more expensive, costing around $150-500AUD/month. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the middle ground between shared servers and dedicated servers, costing around $40-1000AUD/month.

You can also avail the promotional hosting packages with websites like GoDaddy, 1and1, 123reg etc. who provide free domain names too. These packages start from as little as $5AUD/month. However, for a business looking for a solid foundation, this is not recommended!

However, if you opt for a more complex or attractive website, you would require go hire a professional web designer/development (like us!), which, depending on the specific functions of your website can ranging from $1,500- $50,000AUD – depending on the complexity.

However, the average cost of a standard website can be in the range of $5000AUD.

We recommend you perform some detailed cost and market analysis before embarking on any such venture, especially before you commission a designer/developer!