How do I setup my email on my Android device?


Setting up your email account on your Android device (phone or tablet) is a manual process, but fortunately it’s fairly easy.
Please follow these steps below to complete the setup of your email account on your Android device:

Note: Please be aware there are many different Android releases which may have slightly varying options when configuring email – if you encounter issues it may be prudent to Google “Android Email Setup cPanel” along with your Android version number.

Create your email account in cPanel.
On your Android device open the Email application (or preferred third party app).
Press the menu button, select More and then click New Account.
Select the Other (POP3/IMAP) option.
Choose Manual setup and run through the prompts.
You will need to ensure IMAP is set as your email protocol, then input the details as follows:

Email Address: Enter your full email address as created in cPanel.
Username: This will be your full email address.
Password: The password you set for your email account.
POP/IMAP Server: This will be mail.yourdomain, where you replace with your real domain.
Security: You can select None here; or if you would like SSL you may select it (but for IMAP server above you will need to set the servers full hostname – i.e.
Server Port: Typically left as default.
Once you select Next after entering all of the credentials it will validate the information then request the outgoing information; this outgoing information is typically the same as above. You may need to set your outgoing mail server port to 587. You can then proceed to Next.

After the outgoing has been verified and it comes back as okay, you will simply give your email account a name where you enter your name. Then select Finish setup.

That’s it, you’ll now be able to send and receive emails on your Android device.
Typically if you come across an error retrieving your email, it’s due to a mistype in your email configuration – so double check it.

See more info here - for Android Gmail setup
Having issues connecting, but certain you’re using the correct settings?